TLV Bible: Young Readers Edition



The TLV Young Readers Edition is a brand new offering for our most important bible readers: the children! We've been working for years to carefully craft a bible that would enable our littlest readers to get to know the Creator in a real and sustainable way. With full-color beautiful original illustrations, theologically vetted abridged scripture selections, and a cumulative learning glossary, the Young Readers Edition is sure to excite!

This Bible showcases the metanarrative of God's redemptive plan for humanity by focusing on God's character rather than biblical characters, pairing each story with art that directly links with our full adult TLV Bibles, all while providing actual TLV scriptures that are not paraphrased for young readers.

Our hope is to give parents an opportunity to bring the Bible to life with their children and introduce the invisible God to readers 8-12 pointing towards a happy ending of Good News in Messiah from Genesis to Revelation!

  • Introduction Pages
  • 54 full-color Art pieces
  • 54 abridged Biblical stories
  • Helps Pages with Prayers & Blessings
  • Genesis Pattern Pages
  • Hebrew/English-to-understanding Glossary


Item Details

Weight: 1.2 lb
Dimensions:  8.75 × 5.5 × 0.625in
Binding: Paperback
Font size: 10pt
Pages: 318