TLV Heritage Bible [Illustrated]

A spiritual anchor to your home!

Introducing the new TLV Illustrated Heritage Bible! With all the helps, essays, prayers, and illustrations you've come to expect from the Tree of Life Bible Society, this gorgeously gold-stamped Bible will make great addition to your home. At a manageable size of 8"x10.75", the Heritage Edition has a generous font size of 13pt, making it easier to read than ever! This edition is printed on a special paper specifically designed for faith-based ceremonies, making it lighter-weight than our previous Altar Edition while maintaining legibility. 

With a beautifully colorful dustjacket, the Illustrated Heritage edition will draw curious eyes to your dining table, bedside table, or desk and invite anyone to take a peek inside. As always, our goal with these large family-style bibles is to make the Word of God the cornerstone of the home once more. In making this edition, our hope is to bring old and young together around the Scriptures and shore up the foundations of faith that our nation was built on. 


  • 3 Column Tree of Life Version Biblical Text
  • 100 Original Bible Illustrations by Michael Washer
  • Revised Messianic Prophecy Footnotes and Book Introductions
  • Hebrew Word Glossary and Original Israel Maps
  • Weekly Torah Readings and Storytelling Headings
  • Revised Essays on Biblical Living, Heritage, and Life-Cycles
  • Family Tree and Book of Remembrance
  • Traditional Hebrew Prayers for Shabbat
  • Better Bible Habits Reading Guide

Item Details

Weight: 5.8 lbs
Dimensions:  10.75 × 8 × 2 in
Binding: Hardback
Font size: 13pt
Pages: 1312

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

This is such a beautiful Heritage Bible, absolutely worth it. It will make a great Family heirloom.

Tricia G.

This Bible is an incredible Family staple to our house. The family tree inside to fill out blesses our family to know and have a record of the generations God has put us in. Love the bigger print. The history and pictures, maps and prayers are all resources that draw a family and person into worship, honor and delight in ADONAI. Not being born Jewish but grafted in through Christ Jesus this Bible has helped me feel like I am getting to know more of the family. But more importantly it has opened up my eyes and heart to more of God’s great love and Who He is.

Mark R.

I really love the Bibles. I just have to try and learn the Hebrew words and how they are pronounced. That can cause me to lose my consecration on what I'm reading. This happens with the KJV also.

Thomas B.
Most Meaningful

The translation and us of Hebrew names of God have been illuminating when compared to reading my other English translations. The Lord is using this in my life and I am so grateful.

Sharon C.
Gaining Knowledge

I really enjoy all the information in the Bible. It’s exciting to learn the meaning of each Hebrew word. Plus all the other extra information is great to know.

Daniel E.

I’ve yet to begin reading it as I am involved in two other bibles and various studies as well. I am sure I will love it but I just need time to jump into the pool.