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Beautiful Bible

I love the Hebrew wording, it gives a deeper understanding of those days long past. TLV has done such a beautiful job.

EXCELLENT translation of the Holy Scriptures!

I use this Bible both at church and for my daily devotions. It fits easily into the bag I take to church. One day, when doing my daily devotion, I found some missing books in my copy. I emailed customer service, and within a week I had received a new copy. I thoroughly enjoy this translation and highly recommend it.

I love this Bible

I love my Messianic Jewish family Bible, it is a more authentic book than the Greek Bible. I want to ask if you would ever consider producing a pocket sized one, I would love to have one I could carry around with me.

We have several versions of the Bible in our home. I treasure the Tree of Life Bible the most..

Previously I was captivated by Msgr Knox's version because he was translating from Hebrew and Greek albeit in a bit (now) archaic English. With the Tree of Life Bible, I have gained a new perspective on both the Old and New Testaments. Thank you for your very valuable contributions.

Best Bible version ever and most beautiful gift from God

I have so many Bibles and love reading them and studying the word. I also love to share it, read it in public places and read it while doing ministry on the street and around the world. I just got the TLV Family Bible a couple months ago. I love it because it keeps much of the original Hebraic roots and Hebrew translations pure and undefiled by bad theology and misunderstandings.

Last week I was doing ministry in the provinces of the Philippines and read from my TLV Family Bible with several dozens of people and families. One very poor lady of two young children at the threshold of her humble home listened so intently to me read from it and cried. We gave her some food and hygiene necessities, but she softly asked, "Do you have a Bible that I could have?" So I gave her my TLV Family Bible. She admired it. She looked at it like it was the most precious thing she ever received. May God bless that woman and her children with His beautiful Word.

The Richness of God

Thank you for this Bible. I have begun to reread the Bible looking at it through middle eastern eyes as best I can and this brings another layer of depth. God is so faithful!

Love this translation!

When the Tree of Life version came out I wanted so much to order but it was out of my budget, so when they offered the large print paperback, it was a blessing. Although I haven't completed reading it this year, the Torah has been accurate and enjoyable. I have also been reading in the New Testament and feel the same. Good job!

Great Bible! Contains much information. Only drawback I have found so far is the thin pages. Makes it difficult to turn without tearing. Otherwise exceptional!!


I bought the heritage Bible and was able to donate it to my congregation. We now use it for the weekly Torah readings. Everyone loves it!

I am truly grateful for the Tree of Life Family Bible. As soon as I started to read the first Bible that I purchased, I was blessed by how easy it was to understand. And so I bought more because I wanted my friends that I fellowship with to be blessed with the anointing that is obviously on this Bible.

Praise the Lord

The TLV Holy Scriptures: Thin-line (paperback) is awesome. I bought one for me and a copy for a friend who is a sister in Christ as a birthday gift and we just love them. Blessings and Shalom in Jesus, Messiah and Yeshua name. Amen.

Great for private reading

I really do like this translation, although I am limited to using it for my own private reading. I say that because as a new translation it is not used in many, if any, church services; which makes this translation hard to follow along with what is being read aloud. Another issue I have with it is that it is not an actual "Study Bible." That being said, some footnotes would be wonderful to help the reader to better comprehend what is being said. Finally, it is overpriced. Good study Bibles can be purchased for $80-$100 price range, not to mention that the text is too small making it hard to read.

I know this is not what you expected, but I have purchased 3 of these Bibles because I like reading them, but I lost one, and gave one away. If you ever come out with a 14 pt. Study Bible, I am certain I would buy a 4th one.


I bought this Tree of Life book for several reasons:
1. The Chosen. Sometimes they refer to things I don't have in my Bible.
2. I teach Sunday School and want to be able to answer questions the youth have about Jewish customs.
3. I teach Bible study and want to know more so I can share with the group.
4. I want to understand more.


I've hesitated to write a review because I was very disappointed in the new version of your bible and sent it back.
I can say that I love the first version, TLV personal large print reference Bible that I received as a birthday gift from a friend in 2018. I use it every day and dearly love it. If I could get a copy of another one of those, I would gladly purchase again. God bless and so sorry I can't give a good review on the new one.

This Bible is an incredible Family staple to our house. The family tree inside to fill out blesses our family to know and have a record of the generations God has put us in. Love the bigger print. The history and pictures, maps and prayers are all resources that draw a family and person into worship, honor and delight in ADONAI. Not being born Jewish but grafted in through Christ Jesus this Bible has helped me feel like I am getting to know more of the family. But more importantly it has opened up my eyes and heart to more of God’s great love and Who He is.

The children's Bible

The children's Bible is wonderful. My grandchildren enjoy them very much. My daughter says that they read their Bible every day. Wonderful!

So many great study tools packed inside this calendar

This calendar is such a blessing as my family is on a journey to learn more about the Biblical feasts, holy days, etc.

TLV Donation
Michael A.
My tree of life Journey

Sholom. I love the Tree of Life Version. Its a quality bible. I was newly introduced to the division the old testament starting with the Torah, Neviim, and etc.. I'm currently reading the Torah, specify Deuteronomy. I often compare it to my nasb bible. I love the Jewish imprint on the Bible such as using the name ADONAI and Bnei-Yisrael. Thank you. Its truly my treasure. Happy Purim. May the Prince of Peace be upon Jerusalem, especially after the vicious attack on Oct 7.

Tree of life

Over the years I've read many versions of the Bible, Some versions were so Jewish that you would have to be born into the Orthodox sect of Judaism to understand. This translation is balanced and will help a non-jew understand the Hebrew roots of the New covenant, I highly recommend it and beyond the wonderful translation it has a beautiful cover, that reminds one of returning the Torah scroll to the ark and everyone singing it is a tree of life for all who hold it.

💕 Love,Love, Love my new TLV Bible

It’s amazing. Having fun looking up different passages to compare with my NKJ.
Just purchased 2 more Family Bibles from you for my grand daughter and my grandson as both are graduating from college in May.
Had their names engraved in the beautiful leather covers. Took to local Christian book store for engraving. They had not seen the Family Bible with the leather cover.
Yes, they were empresses how beautiful it was finished.
Thank you for this beautiful Bible. It makes a wonderful gift for graduation.
Sending my appreciation, peggy

Love my new Bible

I am enjoying using my new Bible. I am learning a lot about the different names for God and what they mean. This really makes understanding the texts deeper. I also am using the helps in the back and the maps. It is nice to know that all the translation is accurate to the way the texts are supposed to be. Really deep. I have also used the study app. Thank you all for your dedication to this translation. Kathi


This Bible is honestly amazing! I'm in love with it! I find the Psalms devotions amazing to read and very helpful to get a feel for the relationship that I believe we are to have with Yeshua. Very inspirational, well written, good quality, and all around an amazing Bible!

tree of life bible

I really like the bible but i have one problem its to small i should have ordered large print thanks It gave me a new proprective of the Bible

Refocused on Messiah

I have been a believer 50 years and followed many teaches and "Christian " trends during my walk. Many of these caused me confusion and doubts about my salvation; but God is faithful. He has helped me to understand that daily Bible reading, even a short reading daily is the key to faith and understanding his direction for my life. Also daily prayer and praise to Yeshua keeps me in peace. To many believers I am around try to complicate the Gospel. I am finding Tree of Life Bible's readings are helping me understand passages and I when I then reflect on what I read so I can research anything I don't understand. I am seeing how old and new are working on a complete picture.

Fresh and new

I have so enjoyed reading the devotions in the back. To hear a fresh, new Jewish perspective adds a depth of flavor to what I am reading and understanding!