Messianic Jewish Family Bible (TLV)


Included in Messianic Jewish Family Bible is the entire Tree of Life Version translation; Genesis - Revelation. This edition comes in soft, leatherette (Poly-Urethane) cover with blind embossed lettering, gold edged pages, index tabs and sewn binding and it is printed on the highest quality Bible (rice) paper! These Family Bibles contain a glossary of Hebrew terms, original maps of the State of Israel, the complete Parshot (Jewish reading cycle) and several Hebrew prayers that are just perfect to use in your family!

Complete list of features in the Messianic Jewish Family Bible is:

  • Inspiring Book introductions
  • Weekly Torah Readings
  • Storytelling Headings
  • Printed Tabs for each section of Scripture
    (no longer cut in index tabs)
  • 101 Messianic Jewish Illustrations
  • Messianic Prophecy Footnotes
  • Hebrew Word Glossary
  • Shabbat Family Prayers
  • Original Maps

Our collaborative team, taking a consensus building approach, looks carefully at the underlying Greek and Hebrew, to render a translation that is accurate, readable, reverential, and true to the worldview that brings together Jewish and Gentile people in Yeshua. By the time our text has passed through these various lenses with helpful editorial suggestions, the blending produces a vibrant story line that no single contributor could offer individually. It is critical for each one-translators, theologians, language experts, editors, designers, artists, and you our readers-to remember that this story is not about us. The Tree of Life is God's story! \n \nThe narrative comes alive in the vivid, in-the-moment drama of the pages within this Good Book. Even the tenses of Greek verbs come alive in English when the historic presents are translated in present time. As we grasp hold of it and hold it tight (Proverbs 3:18), we can appropriate His story for our own lives. 

Item Details

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions:  9.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 in
Binding: Polyurethane Leatherette
Font size: 10.5pt
Pages: 1456


*The Messianic Jewish family Bible and the Tree of Life Family Bible are exactly the same in every way except the name on the front cover and the Hebrew Tree of Life Prayer on the back cover!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
I love this Bible

I love my Messianic Jewish family Bible, it is a more authentic book than the Greek Bible. I want to ask if you would ever consider producing a pocket sized one, I would love to have one I could carry around with me.

Cynthia W.

I am truly grateful for the Tree of Life Family Bible. As soon as I started to read the first Bible that I purchased, I was blessed by how easy it was to understand. And so I bought more because I wanted my friends that I fellowship with to be blessed with the anointing that is obviously on this Bible.

Ray S.&.O.M.S.
Great for private reading

I really do like this translation, although I am limited to using it for my own private reading. I say that because as a new translation it is not used in many, if any, church services; which makes this translation hard to follow along with what is being read aloud. Another issue I have with it is that it is not an actual "Study Bible." That being said, some footnotes would be wonderful to help the reader to better comprehend what is being said. Finally, it is overpriced. Good study Bibles can be purchased for $80-$100 price range, not to mention that the text is too small making it hard to read.

I know this is not what you expected, but I have purchased 3 of these Bibles because I like reading them, but I lost one, and gave one away. If you ever come out with a 14 pt. Study Bible, I am certain I would buy a 4th one.

Joseph B.
Tree of life

Over the years I've read many versions of the Bible, Some versions were so Jewish that you would have to be born into the Orthodox sect of Judaism to understand. This translation is balanced and will help a non-jew understand the Hebrew roots of the New covenant, I highly recommend it and beyond the wonderful translation it has a beautiful cover, that reminds one of returning the Torah scroll to the ark and everyone singing it is a tree of life for all who hold it.

Barbara W.
This Present Journey

Hashem has been drawing me to Himself ever since I have been alone. But, I have become lost in the Old Testament. As far as I am concerned, the Bible is one. There is no separation.. Yah is drawing me to Himself. Yes, I. Have been saved for I don't know how long. But He has changed my life!! I want to know Him; who He is. To be continued. Must stop. Is

Taylor P.
Best Bible I have ever had

This has truly been the best Bible. I love the prayers at the back and how it has a Hebrew English translation for Hebrew words given.