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TLV Now on Logos Bible Software!

TLV Now on Logos Bible Software!

The TLV Bible Society, creators of the Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Holy Scriptures is pleased to announce that the TLV is now available on Logos Bible Software!

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Logos is one of the most intuitive pieces of software for study of the Word. Existing users will experience the same exciting functions as with other Bible translations. For those who have never used the Logos platform, users will be impressed with their user-friendly tools and massive theological library. Every word in the TLV is linked to the user’s entire Biblical library. Search answers in seconds, study the Word in its cultural context, uncover meaning in the original languages and experience a new level of scholarship and inspiration.

Since 1992, Logos Bible Software has grown from a couple of programmers in a basement into the largest developer of Bible study software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing.

They partner with more than 150 publishers to make more than 43,000 Bible study resources available to customers around the world.

The TLV is translated and solely owned by the TLV Bible Society, devoted to the creation of a brand new, fully vetted Biblical text, as well as other resources for families.

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