2024 TLV Biblical Calendar (Digital Download)


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Families live according to multiple different calendars. Between a husband’s work, the children’s schooling, and a newly unrecognized national hot dog day that you feel pressured to take part in – it’s the mothers that are all too often stuck in the middle trying to piece together parts of a puzzle that don’t fit together.

But what if there was something more important to live by? Is there a better way to live that brings unity between families instead of cause division?

When God put the sun and moon into place, He created rhythms to live by. Daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and yearly – God had a plan for stewarding time from the beginning.

Knowing when God’s holidays and appointed times is important when it comes to living a Biblically-inspired lifestyle. Why? Because you could end up scheduling something extensive on a day when God scheduled you to rest. Who’s the one missing the appointment?

Think about it like this: have you ever been in a situation where you and your spouse work opposite schedules? You rarely get to see one another because as soon as one spouse gets home from work, the other one leaves for work. I understand that there are seasons in life where this is the case, but I think you’ll agree with me when I say that’s a difficult way to build a strong relationship. Sometimes this happens between us and God. We don’t set our schedules, God does. And when we know when those times and seasons are, we can be WITH God when He walks into the room instead of us walking out.


This calendar begins with the 2023 Fall Feasts and extends until the Spring Feasts of 2025.

This 2024 TLV Biblical Calendar includes the following:

    1. Gregorian Monthly Calendar Pages
    2. Color-coded Weekly Shabbat & Monthly New Moon Observances
    3. Biblical Fall and Spring feasts
    4. Jewish TANAKH* and New Testament Bible weekly readings

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    Very nice calendar.