Tree of Life Family Bible (TLV)


Included in Tree of Life Family Bible is the entire Tree of Life Version translation; Genesis - Revelation. This edition comes in soft, leatherette (Poly-Urethane) cover with blind embossed lettering, gold edged pages, index tabs and sewn binding and it is printed on the highest quality Bible (rice) paper! These Family Bibles contain a glossary of Hebrew terms, original maps of the State of Israel, the complete Parashot (Jewish reading cycle) and several Hebrew prayers that are just perfect to use in your family!

Personal-sized Bible features:

  • Offers unique Jewish Roots Reading Plan
  • 66 Book Introductions
  • Printed tabs for each section of Scripture (no longer cut in index tabs)
  • Ancient Jewish Prayers & Blessings
  • 101 Original Biblical Illustrations
  • Helps Articles on Biblical Living
  • Dial & Charts on Biblical Feasts
  • Messianic Prophecy Footnotes
  • Family Tree & Family Promise
  • Hebrew Word Glossary
  • Original Maps of Israel

Our collaborative team, taking a consensus building approach, looks carefully at the underlying Greek and Hebrew, to render a translation that is accurate, readable, reverential, and true to the worldview that brings together Jewish and Gentile people in Yeshua. By the time our text has passed through these various lenses with helpful editorial suggestions, the blending produces a vibrant story line that no single contributor could offer individually. It is critical for each one-translators, theologians, language experts, editors, designers, artists, and you our readers-to remember that this story is not about us. The Tree of Life is God's story! \n \nThe narrative comes alive in the vivid, in-the-moment drama of the pages within this Good Book. Even the tenses of Greek verbs come alive in English when the historic presents are translated in present time. As we grasp hold of it and hold it tight (Proverbs 3:18), we can appropriate His story for our own lives. 

Item Details

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions:  9.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 in
Binding: Polyurethane Leatherette
Font size: 10.5pt
Pages: 1456

*The Messianic Jewish family Bible and the Tree of Life Family Bible are exactly the same in every way except the name on the front cover and the Hebrew Tree of Life Prayer on the back cover!


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
David D.
Love the TLV Bible and App

Absolutely love the read using the proper names of Yahweh. We love the app as well and listen to Daniah's Proverb of the day everyday. I then share the verse of the day and Proverb of the day with all of my family.

Robert A.
Simply amazing!

My new Tree of Life Bible has been showing me so much that I didn’t know about the Bible and the history of Israel. I have been reading in both my Christian bible and my Tree of Life bible in my daily devotions. I am spending more time in devotions and am so blessed to have this new perspective on God’s Word. Thank you.



Wendell H.
Best Bible version ever and most beautiful gift from God

I have so many Bibles and love reading them and studying the word. I also love to share it, read it in public places and read it while doing ministry on the street and around the world. I just got the TLV Family Bible a couple months ago. I love it because it keeps much of the original Hebraic roots and Hebrew translations pure and undefiled by bad theology and misunderstandings.

Last week I was doing ministry in the provinces of the Philippines and read from my TLV Family Bible with several dozens of people and families. One very poor lady of two young children at the threshold of her humble home listened so intently to me read from it and cried. We gave her some food and hygiene necessities, but she softly asked, "Do you have a Bible that I could have?" So I gave her my TLV Family Bible. She admired it. She looked at it like it was the most precious thing she ever received. May God bless that woman and her children with His beautiful Word.

Bobby R.

Great Bible! Contains much information. Only drawback I have found so far is the thin pages. Makes it difficult to turn without tearing. Otherwise exceptional!!

Peggy T.
💕 Love,Love, Love my new TLV Bible

It’s amazing. Having fun looking up different passages to compare with my NKJ.
Just purchased 2 more Family Bibles from you for my grand daughter and my grandson as both are graduating from college in May.
Had their names engraved in the beautiful leather covers. Took to local Christian book store for engraving. They had not seen the Family Bible with the leather cover.
Yes, they were empresses how beautiful it was finished.
Thank you for this beautiful Bible. It makes a wonderful gift for graduation.
Sending my appreciation, peggy